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ISO Number: 13485:2003 MD-QMS
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The Biofield Viewer is a real-time imaging system that is able to detect and visualize the subtle layers of electromagnetic (EM) activity around living systems. The technology is a research tool, which allows interference patterns with Bio-plasma to be monitored and studied for optimizing energy treatment protocols and investigating the human biofield. In Biofield Viewer mode, the software focuses on the energy interference patterns at the body’s surface and in the atmosphere around the body.

Thornton Streeter has collaborated with John Catchpole to develop the Biofield Viewer.

Biofield Viewer allows healers to investigate, monitor and improve their treatment protocols

With Chakra Viewer and the 3D Biofield program, Biofield Viewer gives three levels of Digital Clairvoyance.

Biofield Viewer now allows the holistic practitioner to witness changes in the chakras live and in full colour as they respond to the healer interactions.

The human biofield and the physical structures that support it have been thoroughly mapped in a global research effort and much of this has been published in peer-reviewed journals. The following anatomical features and their corresponding physiology will be introduced and research referenced:

The Primo Vascular System/ Meridian System, the Acu-points, the Chakras, the Biofield layers, bio-plasma and bio-photonic emissions.

The innermost layer of the biofield is known as the etheric layer. Our new device the 3D Biofield Viewer makes this field visible so researchers can track even the smallest vents of bio-photons, which is a sign of impending issues. 3D Biofield mode produces images of the etheric field in three dimensions and complements Kirlian photography. This software, however, surpasses the electro-graphic process by removing the need for a charged plate which liberates the view of the etheric layer and users can watch changes in real-time.

On the journey into exploring the human Biofield a number of devices were soon calibrated as the front line investigation process. Reliability and repeatability, a high degree of concurrence and data for statistical analysis were important criteria in their selection. Many devices were tested and did not make this grade, here today we will examine the tools that did make it, and have now opened a new front in medical research and understanding.

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